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Overall Reformation and Innovation on Coating Material Industry

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2017-02-20 09:02:12
Overall Reformation and Innovation on Coating Material Industry   Due to the global finance crisis, Chinese economy had encountered the slowdown and many obstacles. With further transformation at economy and civil engineering
Overall Reformation and Innovation on Coating Material Industry
Due to the global finance crisis, Chinese economy had encountered the slowdown and many obstacles. With further transformation at economy and civil engineering construction, it is promising that the impressive breakthrough of Chinese transformation will place a solid foundation for the economy.
Nevertheless, in the context of transformation, Chinese coating material industry should be on the schedule. Owing to the later emerging in comparison with other countries, Chinese coating material industry strives harder to grasp the opportunities to develop rapidly event though under the delayed market reform. It is because the quickness to make fortune and abrupt development that the majority of coating material enterprises neglect the capacity to further learn as well as the formula that market surroundings is inclined to outpace the enterprise transformation.
Over a dozen years, Chinese coating material industry features the enormous investments on resources, land, labor and other elements. Nowadays, a variety of issues or problems have gradually brought up along with the shortage of bonus, affecting the sustainable development of coating material enterprises. Even though the enterprises have been driven to the transformation, nothing substantial has worked. Intrinsically, the breakthrough of the existing system mechanism is the key.
A lot of coating material enterprises have raised their awareness and expected that sustainable development can be achieved by regulation and upgrading overall which can be stated from six aspects.
Firstly, the reform and innovation of system mechanism. It is the source of strength and the key weapon of market competition for the company development. For the private enterprises, they have recognized the weakness of property closure and wished to have asset reorganization and resource integration just as the large enterprises like Carpoly, 3-Trees, Maydos. In addition, it is imperative to have overall reform and innovation on the management system, enterprise culture system, market system, distribution system, etc.
Secondly, the reform and innovation of management. In the coating material industry, the enterprises are mostly family-owned. However, the family-owned management doesn’t hold the water for the company. At the initiative stage, this sort of management is still in line with the enterprise development for its flexible operation, economic cost and effective business decision. When comes to a stronger and more mature stage, this family-owned management becomes the constraint for further development. Regarding the issue of management reform, Huarun Coatings was an exception because the enterprise manages to implement the separation between ownership and management right, as well as the reform of professional manager system, which are worth learning.
Thirdly, the reform and innovation on technique. It is much cry and little wool for the coating material industry on technique innovation. Of course, the issue has many relations with the above factors. Innovation relies on the system mechanism and management. In the process to resolve system and management, it is necessary to attract more people to join the innovation reform. For instance, Hongchang Paint has converged a batch of high-end technicians with overwhelming innovation energy while carrying out the technician innovation mechanism, greatly enhance the  company ability on independent technical innovation.
Fourthly, the reform and innovation of operation mode. Owing to the lack of industry chain, many enterprises do not have their own reliable or signature supply channel, sale channel. But Huarun Paint has taken the lead in reforming. The company firstly implemented the regional agent sale system and promoted the operation mode of coatings brand store, sweeping across China and laying its internet marketing mode. What’s more, Huarun Paint has also transformed to a group specializing in production, service, trade creatively.
Fifthly, the innovation of risk precaution. For some enterprises, they cannot make the ends meet once the crisis explores. Hence, it is of great importance to take risk precautions and mechanism. And the coating material enterprises are supposed to have introspection so as to better the reform.
For the coating material enterprise, the next decade will be a new era featured the regulation on the industrial development approach and structure. For the entrepreneurs, they are required to have reform and innovation, change the regular operation mode so as to make a big hit in the industry. Getting rid of the large-scale manufacturing, and haphazard promotion, they should focus on the need of clients, pay more attention on the market segment and further service. Needless to say, it is high time for the coating material enterprises to reform and innovate under such complicated economy and market surroundings.
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