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The Development Trend of Waterproof Markets

Author:未知 Source:  Updated:2016-12-06 16:12:33
    主要国家防水市场发展趋势   The Development Trend of Waterproof Markets   欧洲在建筑防水材料方面走在世界的前列,在改性沥青防水卷材和PVC、TPO等聚合物
The Development Trend of Waterproof Markets
About the European market:
As the leading world market in the arena of building waterproof materials, Europe boasts the advanced waterproof technology for modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, PVC, TPO and other Polymer waterproof sheet materials. The featured modified asphalt felt and high-molecular waterproof sheeting are invented by the developed countries in Europe and spread to other regions. Along with the constant development of roof waterproof membrane and the construction technology, a great diversity of single layer polymer sheets have emerged. European market has gone through a significant but gradual change under the stable market development. There are mainly three kinds of waterproof materials which are respectively the polymer, polymer modified asphalt, and plain asphalt. Among them, the polymer waterproof material is in high utilization and of high effect.
About the American market:
America is the biggest user of sealing material with the most advanced technology. In 1990s, America developed the silicon modified polyurethane sealant as well as the formless plastic sealing material that featured with plastomer, no flexibility or stress but changed tailored to the form of juncture and deformed easily. In European and American countries, elastic sealant takes over the main markets.
Nevertheless, China’s building waterproof materials are limited to some extent. The deficits are generally concluded as follows: usage for China’s waterproof material products are only acceptable for interiors and non-exposed roof; 
2.unmanageable thickness for the waterproof materials because of the high requirement for base-layer waterproof material and for the construction technique; 
3.poor performances on material extensibility, tensile resistance and aging resistance which are not conformed with the environmental requirements;
4.The manufacturers are overmuch while the brands are spotty, and the product quality is unbalanced.
The development trend of building waterproof materials are unveiled from four aspects. 
Firstly, it is high time to vigorously develop the waterproof materials of high performance and strong weather resistance. 
Secondly, it is necessary to develop environmental friendly waterproof materials. Thirdly, the industry should move towards the multifunctional waterproof coating. Last but not least, it is supposed to actively develop and apply the Nano waterproof coating.
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